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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Những hình ảnh đẹp về Huế, Việt Nam

Beautiful pictures of Vietnam - Hue 

 отзывы с фото о путешествии в Hue, Вьетнаме

Фотоотчёт, отзывы с фото о путешествии в Hue, Вьетнаме

Photo: Huong river flows through Hue

Hue city
Travel to Hue Vietnam
Located on the countrys central coast in Thua Thien Hue province , the area has variety of sites of outstanding nature beauty. The average temperature is about 25 degrees. The area is also notorious for its torrential rain, which can pour unabated for a week. The beauty of the area led it to be chosen as the capital by the kings of the Nguyen dynasty. It was recently recognised as a Unesco world heritage site. Hue also features a unique cuisine, combining dishes associated with the former imperial court with everyday street food, much of fairly spicy. The city is also noted for the quality of its embroidery, particularly on the traditional ao dai-a favourite sovernir for visitors to take home.
Thien Mu PagodaSeven km west of the city centre, this pagoda was built in the 14th century in honour of a red-robed goddess.
Ancient CitadelThe fisrt king of the Nguyen Dynasty, Gia Long,began construction of the complex in 1805. The present citadel , including the Forbidden City, occupies an area of 5.2sq km on the north bank of the Perfume river.
Around Hue
Bach Ma National PackBach Ma , known as the Dalat of central Vietnam, is 50km south of Hue. The pack covers 220sq km and it home to many rare plants and animals. Pick up a guide at the visitors centre: entrance cost $2 and guide can be hired for $12 a day.
Lang Co Beach70km south of the city. Go by taxi or get a bus from An Cuu bus station
Canh Duong Beach60km from Hue, this crescent shaped 8km is the most beautyful in the region. Its sand is white and soft and there is usually a mild breeze, making it a favourite spot for windsurfing and sailing

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